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Victim Support

Victims and others in their life may need help dealing with feelings experienced after a sexual assault. Sexual assault is a serious crime and is known to have short- and long-term effects on victims and those who love and care for them.

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Call 1-888-772-7227 for a rape crisis center in Pennsylvania near you for help dealing with these feelings. Pennsylvania’s rape crisis centers serve all adults and children.

Rape crisis centers provide free and confidential crisis counseling 24 hours a day, services for the victim’s family, friends, partners or spouses, information and referrals to other services in your area and prevention education programs.

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If someone tells you they were a victim of sexual assault, remain calm.  Believe the victim and give him or her control. Listen and be available for the victim to express a range of feelings and assure her or him of your support. Encourage counseling and be patient: healing can take years with advances and setbacks, but healing can happen.

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