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Policy & Advocacy Resources

PCAR and the Pennsylvania network of rape crisis centers advocate for changes in federal and state legislation to further our mission to end sexual violence and advocate for the rights and needs of sexual assault victims. Legislation is most effective when it is responsive to the realities of local communities and victims. The resources on these pages are intended to support rape crisis center staff and other partners in their policy advocacy efforts.

Lobbying, Advocacy, and Education

This resource provides an overview of allowable lobbying, advocacy, and educational activities when using public vs. private funds. The document is intended to clarify allowable activities for PA rape crisis center staff, drawing from laws and regulations that pertain to the political activities of nonprofit organizations. PCAR is grateful to its public policy committee for their review and partnership in developing this document.

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Making the Most out of Meetings with Legislators

Local experiences and needs are the most important factors to consider in policymaking. This resource is intended to support PA rape crisis center staff in using their voices to affect policy change. More specifically, this resource provides tips and information for advocates to consider before, during, and after meetings with their representatives, senators, and legislative staff. We are grateful to the PCAR public policy committee and partners in the PA General Assembly for their time and insight in reviewing this content.

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How a Bill Becomes a Law in Pennsylvania

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Glossary of Legislative Terms

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For training and technical assistance on policy advocacy, please contact Donna Greco, Policy Director: