The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape is working to eliminate all forms of sexual violence and to advocate for the rights and needs of victims of sexual assault.

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Training and Technical Assistance

The PCAR Training and Technical Assistance Department provides an array of information, training, and resources to allied professionals in the anti-sexual violence movement.


Below lists some of the issues the Training and Technical Assistance department can assist you with.

If you need to speak to someone in the department please complete our contact form or call 717-728-9740.

You may also download our Technical Assistance Bulletins.

If you are interested in attending a PCAR training please visit our Calendar of Events. For information on national events please visit the NSVRC calendar.


Supporting Latin@ Communities: Resources for sexual assault centers

This information packet is designed for community-based sexual assault centers serving all survivors of sexual violence and engaging community members in prevention.  The intent is to help practitioners in describing ways sexual violence and inequalities affect Latin@ communities and list practical ways organizations can create more affirming spaces for Latin@ survivors. 

The packet includes: an annotated bibliography, a research brief, a fact sheet, sample job descriptions, Understanding immigration status and suggestions for practice, and Creating affirming services for survivors who identify as Latina.

Technical Assistance Bulletin: Supporting Latina Communities

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Technical Assistance Guide

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Annotated Bibliography

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Research Brief

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Fact Sheet: Supporting Latina Communities

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Prevention Job Description

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Direct Service Job Description

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Counseling Survivors of Incest

Ideally, a child’s home is their sanctuary, their space, their turf. In cases of incest, the home becomes a place of fear, shame, confusion, and anxiety for the victim. The number and complexity of issues
that need to be addressed when counseling incest survivors can be daunting for providers. In this webinar, Holly Morreels, Clinical Director with the YWCA York, will discuss some of the common issues and themes that arise when working with this population, as well as some suggestions for counseling victim/survivors who have experienced incest as part of their victimization.

Learn More Here : Counseling Survivors of Incest Additional Resources Handout

View Webinar Here: Download Webinar

Technical Assistance Guide and Resource Kit for Primary Prevention and Evaluation (PCAR 2009) Prepared by Stephanie Townsend, PhD

Although primary prevention is at the root of the movement to end sexual violence, community-based agencies are challenged to find practical resources around program development and evaluation.  Developing programs with evaluation in mind will enable prevention educators to build upon strengths and improve programs to achieve desired results.  Through evaluation, sexual violence prevention educators will be able to show what they have always trusted: that their programs do make a positive difference. 

This manual is intended to support prevention educators in building upon what they are already doing to evaluate their programs. It is divided into five sections:

 1.      Introduction to Primary Prevention

2.       Primary Prevention Strategies

3.       Introduction to Program Evaluation

4.       Basic Steps for Evaluating Your Programs

5.       Evaluation Resources

This manual is not intended to be a blueprint for programs to follow. While all of our communities are influenced by the same dominant rape culture, they are also unique. Each community has its own needs, strengths, challenges, resources, history, personalities, and priorities.

Learn More Here : TAGuide and Resource Kit for Primary Prevention and Evaluation.pdf

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