The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape is working to eliminate all forms of sexual violence and to advocate for the rights and needs of victims of sexual assault.

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Technical Assistance Bulletins

Technical Assistance Bulletins are published quarterly; they provide background information, helpful resources and practical applications for a range of topics and challenges related to sexual violence. The bulletins are designed to assist sexual assault counselor/advocates, educators and allied professionals, in staying current regarding issues and research related to sexual violence.  Topics range from reaching out to at-risk or underserved populations, to counseling strategies and difficult situations, these resources will provide you with the information necessary to become even more effective in your work with the issue of sexual violence.

Self Injury2.93 MB
Structured Sensory Interventions1 MB
Reproductive Coercion629.81 KB
ServingTrans Survivors (Part 2)713.02 KB
Sex, Gender, Gender Expression, and Gender Identity (Part 1)597.49 KB
Building the Bridge: Eating Disorders and Sexual Violence758.33 KB
Traumatic Brain Injury Part 1343.06 KB
Traumatic Brain Injury Part2476.58 KB
Serving Survivors of Incest306.49 KB
Advocating for Victims with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities During SAFE Part1393.93 KB
Advocating for Victims with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities During SAFE Part2394.68 KB
Conducting Prevention Programs with Young Children445.56 KB
Communicating with Deaf Survivors: Working with ASL Interpreters205.88 KB
Healthcare Issues and Survivors of Sexual Violence184.92 KB
Vicarious Trauma554.75 KB
Youth Activism: Engaging Teens in the Sexual Violence Prevention Movement441.72 KB
Statutory Sexual Assault70.47 KB
Reaching Migrant Farm Workers100.79 KB
Understanding the Transgendered Community47.75 KB
Voting as a Form of Empowerment52.2 KB
Counseling Child Victims of Sexual Violence71.93 KB
Reaching Individuals along all Literacy Levels145.75 KB
Promoting Healthy Masculinity445.59 KB

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