The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape is working to eliminate all forms of sexual violence and to advocate for the rights and needs of victims of sexual assault.

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Special Initiatives

Through a grant process, PCAR funds the development of projects by sexual violence crisis centers in Pennsylvania. The purpose of this effort is to bridge gaps in existing resources, address unmet needs in the field, and provide improved resources and outreach tools to organizations working with underserved populations.  Past projects have included curricula, audiovisual materials, and presentations.  Below are some of the completed works by the most recent grant recipients.


Where We Live: A Manual for Engaging Parents in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention – This manual is a four‐session educational and skill‐building initiative designed to prevent child sexual abuse. Where We Live is a primary prevention initiative that strives to not only to raise parents’ awareness of child sexual abuse, but also to build their skills for proactive behaviors.


A Guide to Working with Survivors of Sexual Violence For Faith-based Organizations and Religious Institutions - This guide outlines a number of different areas of focus for community faith leaders as they create an inclusive healing environment for survivors of sexual violence.  This resource can be used as your agency conducts outreach to faith-based organizations and as an opportunity to develop strong partnerships with communities of faith.


Facilitating Active Child Empowerment – a program for at-risk youth covering topics such as boundaries, bullying and sexual harassment, emotions and sexual violence.
Teens & Primary Prevention of Sexual Assault: Where to Start? – a discussion-based curriculum covering topics from boundaries to gender roles to bystander engagement.


Sexual Abuse Information Zone (SAIZ) Workbook—an interactive ten-week sexual violence education/prevention workbook, designed for female inmates, to be facilitated within jails, prisons and correctional facilities.
“4 U 2 Know”—a culturally inclusive video that will teach and reinforce the safety rule, NO, GO, TELL, with a sequence of three vignettes. The video is designed for use with students ages 10 through 13.
Tools for Evaluating and Assessing Your SANE/SART Program—a manual to expand SARTs’ follow-up efforts and coordination of services with victims and survivors.  The resource includes surveys to collect feedback from victims, advocates, police officers and nurses, as well as data collection templates and tips.

Mental Health and Sexual Violence brochure—a brochure designed to educate mental health providers about the role of rape crisis centers in serving victims of sexual violence with mental illness and/or mental health issues. The brochure aims to increase referrals and collaborations at the community level.


Sexual Harassment Prevention in Schools Curriculum & Manual - This manual and curriculum includes lesson plans and activities for preventing and responding to sexual harassment in schools, grades 1-12.


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