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  • October 7, 2010 - 6:36am Staff report
    A man who rescued an 8-year-old girl who had been abducted by a stranger says he was "beyond scared" as he forced the alleged kidnapper to stop his truck and hand over the child.
    At about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, Victor Perez, 29, recognized the truck from media reports about the girl, who was taken while she played outside a home in Fresno, Calif., at 8:30 p.m. Monday.

  • September 20, 2010 - 8:48am

    An Ellwood City man, suspicious of his neighbor’s relationship with a 12 year old girl, checked the state’s Megan’s Law list and discovered the man was a registered sex offender. Shortly after the neighbor reported the perpetrator to the local police, the victim disclosed that Samuel Edward Ross, 46, had assaulted her. The AP reported that the girl’s parents knew that Ross had a criminal record but were unaware it was for molesting a 13-year-old New Castle girl in 2003.