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Black History Makers

February is the month our nation has set aside to acknowledge contributions and remember extraordinary sacrifices made by Black people. Undoubtedly, most of those we hold in high esteem did not start their journey or forge their quest to be honored or remembered every February. It is more likely that they had more in common with us then we recognize; ordinary people, getting up and going to work, trying to survive, and find some sense of peace and justice in the midst of their current reality. This year, PCAR acknowledges current Black History Makers who are making a difference, contributing to the cause to end sexual violence and showing up daily at sexual assault centers across the Commonwealth.

Check back frequently as we will be posting a new Black History Maker every few days.


Anita Smith

Hotline Volunteer, Board Member, Women's Resources of Monroe County

Shout out to Anita Smith our longtime hotline volunteer and a board member at Women’s Resources of Monroe County. Anita’s passion and dedication to end violence is unparalleled. She gives her heart and soul to this work. She will be moving out of state and we will miss her tremendously. Thank you, Anita for the years we were lucky enough to have you here with us, Georgia is gaining an amazing advocate! We love you!

Lynette Curry

Counselor Advocate, Victims Resource Center of Luzerne County

We appreciate Lynette’s commitment to sexual assault survivors and her work in the Hazelton Area schools with children and adolescents.


Denise Gorden

Hotline Volunteer, Women’s Resources of Monroe County

Denise consistently makes sure that every shelter resident is provided gifts for themselves and their families every holiday season. We appreciate her time and generosity and her love of this work. Thank you!


Michele Hamilton

Shelter Assistant Director, Centre County Women's Resource Center

We appreciate Michele's commitment, compassion, and hard work in all she does for victims of domestic and sexual violence. As a co-worker, she makes us laugh, think, problem-solve, and be better human beings. Thank you, Michele.


T'Shawn Rivers

Events & Fundraising Coordinator, Women's Resources of Monroe County

Having you on our team, with your exemplary skills and know-how, has been invaluable - taking us to new levels with our events and fundraising!


Melissa Brown

Shelter Counselor, Women's Resources of Monroe County

Your calm patience when working with our shelter residents makes all the difference. You truly are a solid rock they - and we! - can rely upon.


Valetta Ford

Intake Assistant, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As Intake Assistant at PAAR, we appreciate Valetta's calm nature as she helps victims through the intake process.


Shayla Sojourner

Lead Case Manager, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As Lead Case Manager at PAAR, we appreciate Shayla's experience and her enthusiasm for PAAR’s mission.



Cynthia Bragg

Executive Assistant, Women’s Resources of Monroe County

Cynthia – you are always willing to listen and ready to help, and your attention to detail is so appreciated!



Gecardy Jean-Baptiste

Clinical Director, Victim Assistance Center of YWCA York

Gecardy has been serving victims and survivors of sexual violence since 2006. She has served as the Clinical Director of the Victim Assistance Center of YWCA in York County since 2014. We appreciate her leadership!


Nancy Myers

Receptionist, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As a receptionist at PAAR, we appreciate Nancy's warm smile and positive attitude every day.


LaToya Hawkins

Advocate, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As an advocate at PAAR, we appreciate LaToya's calm and professional manner as she helps victims navigate the legal and medical systems.


Terri Pattillo

Therapist, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As a therapist at PAAR, we appreciate Terri's dedication to the adult and child survivors she helps heal every day.


Jasmine Beckwith

Advocate, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape

As an advocate at PAAR, we appreciate Jasmine's dedication to victims and her work with systems.


LaQuisha S. Anthony


LaQuisha provides exceptional prevention, education and training services at WOAR and leads V.O.I.C.E. – Victory Over Inconceivable Cowardly Experiences. LaQuisha is helping survivors find their voice.


Vestonia Viddy

Staff Attorney, Centre County Women's Resource Center

As Staff Attorney with the Centre County Women's Resource Center Civil Legal Representation Project, Vestonia works tirelessly for her clients, is always looking for ways to increase her knowledge of the law, and tackles challenging issues like a pro.


Nakeeshia Greene

Child Therapist, SARCC of Lebanon & Schuylkill Counties

SARCC is grateful to Nakeeshia Greene, our Child Therapist, for her innovative work to bring high-quality therapeutic services to young people facing the aftermath of sexual trauma. She has dedicated her time and talent to bringing Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy services to an area with few providers. Thank you, Nakeeshia, for your work!



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